About BACH

Bay Area Classical Harmonies Mission Statement

In BACH, we believe the language of music crosses all barriers. By presenting the musical heritage of various cultures along with Western Classical music through a diverse roster of ensembles, we strengthen, enrich and connect the musical communities of the Bay Area and beyond, exposing various audiences to a wide spectrum of musical genres. Seeking to resonate with generations young and old, BACH provides a vibrant, energetic environment for young artists to perform alongside seasoned professionals.

About BACH

Founded by Andrew J. Chung in 1998, BACH began as a student group at UC Berkeley. The founding members sought to establish a supportive, challenging organization in which young musicians could develop a variety of skills, including leadership and teamwork as well as artistic virtuosity. The group was so successful, becoming known as “the most versatile classical music organization in the Bay Area,” that as its members graduated, they decided to keep the momentum going. Shifting from a student group format to a professional-level ensemble, BACH became a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in 2002, dedicated to the performance of fine classical music in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, with regular tours in Central Valley and Southern California. Since then, BACH has grown into a presenting organization, producing events for a varied roster of performers and ensembles, all-the-while maintaining its own impressive concert season, as The BACH Ensemble. As a presenting organization, BACH promotes a variety of programs, including the Last Friday Concert Series at Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland, The Josquin Singers, and most recently the Seemorgh Choral Ensemble.

The BACH Ensemble’s impressive range of repertoire includes cantatas, oratorio, concerti, symphonies and masses. The ensemble’s most notable performances have included J.S. Bach’s Johannes Passion; W.A. Mozart’s Requiem, Clarinet and Flute Concerti; Beethoven’s 1st Symphony and Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto. Its Opera division was first created in 2000, presenting a concert version of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts. It went on to perform a modern staging of The Magic Flute the following year, and a traditional full staging of Don Giovanni in 2003 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse and in 2004 at Bakersfield College.

Having come into its own as both a presenting organization and a performing ensemble, Bay Area Classical Harmonies now offers a wide variety of concerts each season, including the Pro Arts.